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how you’ve managed to get to this point in your life without knowing how to roast a chicken? Or how the minute you lose a button on your jacket you call your mam for help? How about the fact that for you cleaning involves an antibacterial wipe and 5 minutes of your time once a fortnight? Many of us who grew up through the Celtic Tiger years have side-stepped basic life skills in favour of take-away dinners, bringing the washing home to mammy once a week and throwing out anything that isn’t as shiny and new as the moment we bought it. We’re convenience addicts. But real convenience is all about planning.

That’s where Domestic Divas steps in. Aisli and Cat are on a mission to help the helpless, to demonstrate basic life skills that came so naturally to our parent’s generation and not so easily to us 20 to 30 somethings. They will share the knowledge, skills and power to live life better – to eat more healthily, deliciously and nutritiously, all on our own! To care for a home – like a boss! To take pride in ourselves – inside and out! And they want to do all of this with the least amount of fuss possible i.e. we don’t have to give up Twitter!

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  • lizandluke

    Catch up on episode 4 of Domestic Divas!

    Aisli & Cat meet single mother Liz who desperately wants to throw a 1st birthday to remember for her special little boy Luke. Liz has no idea where to start – she needs ideas for party invites and games, and help making the all-important cake. Liz went through the mill

  • thieves oil1

    Make your own natural, chemical free cleaning solution

    In episode 3 of the series Cat makes a cleaning solution that’s so good, it’s been passed down since medieval times! Thieves Oil is a natural, chemical free, powerful cleaner that will leave your house sparkling and smelling divine. Here’s the How To: Thieves Oil What you’ll need: Skin of

  • VIDEO CLIP! Cat makes Red Velvet Cupcakes

    Cat shows you how to make her delicious red velvet cupcakes – they’re to die for!!! Watch the video here!